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Monday, May 08, 2006

Back into AspectJ

I'm getting back into using AspectJ after a long hiatus. AJDT was pretty dodgy at one point so I had to stop using it and without proper IDE support, doing stuff AspectJ is fiddly because I like to get feedback on what exactly is being advised.

As Howard Lewis Ship has noted, AJDT seems to work mostly except that occasionally the "advises" arrow don't reflect what is actually be advised (tends to say that a pointcut isn't being matched when it is). Like HLS says, a fuild rebuild will usually fix this but this can get a little irritating after a while. I also get the disappearing aspect thingy happening. All these things seem to stem from the AJDT plugin not AspectJ itself. Its getting much better from what it was, I'd say it is in the high 90% complete whearas, late 2005 I guess it was somewhere in the 80%-90% mark.

I'm always of the opinion that if an open source project has problems, you should never whinge about it, rather find something better or make some sort of contribution so that it can get to where it is useable for you, even if this just means filing a bug report. If you've got the skills then supplying a patch is a lot better. You can't have your cake and eat it: you're getting something for free, don't expect the developers priorities to be the same as yours.

Anyway, I'm pleased where AJDT has gotton to. It works (most of the time) and doesn't give throw random NullPointerExceptions everytime you want to do a build. It also seems reasonably snappy on my PowerBook now.



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